Sometimes Players experience Foldit Burn out and what to do about it.

Taken from a conversation on global -

"Also, I have mentioned to some other people that I will need to leave foldit for a while. So that I can try to set up my own business, and try to get on with life. Foldit, for me, has been quite addictive. Many a time I have poured my heart into different interests, only to have my heart crushed after a few years later."

"Yes foldit can take over your life I have had a hard time balencing foldit and the rest of my life in the past. One thing is to turn off youjr computers at night and sleep. Foldit is afterall just a game, life is more important."

"Ha ha, .. how are you?"

" I am fine. I have finaly been able to just set foldit down and walk away from it. Last year i had some very serious addictions to playing foldit and had a very hard time. Who would ever beleive that an online game could be so adictive."

"Yeah, there have been some nights where I have stayed up some 3 hours past my bedtime..".

"Now i turn the computers off at night and sleep better. Remember life is what is important. Foldit is great I love it and some of my best friends are on foldit chat, but it is important not to let Foldit RULE you. Sometimes I wished that there was a licenced mental health nurse on foldit staff to help the players in need, I sure could have used one last year! Anyway enjoy playing the game thern turn it off."

" Damn this is better than WoW xD"

"Really? I know WoW can be quite addictive. Foldit can become quite addictive... if you aren't careful. :P "

"Better monsters here;)"


"We will bend these monsters of protein to our will..."

"Be in control "Nothing to see here folks! Just turn off your computers and move along, move along now"


"Haha lol"


For more tips and tricks > The Foldit Labs

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