Note: this page describes connecting an external IRC client to Foldit chat using the same user id used for playing Foldit. Foldit allows you to create a second user id just for connecting to chat. Using a second user id is easier since it doesn't require you close your Foldit clients before connecting to chat.

See the main IRC Chat page for more information. Also, the IceChat setup page and Mibbit setup page have detailed instructions that may be useful with other clients.

How to connect your favorite IRC client to fold.itEdit


  1. Foldit clients have to be CLOSED - ALL instances!
  2. ALWAYS run IRC client first THEN start Foldit client


To connect to in-game chat, the Foldit client is using your Foldit user id as an "IRC nickname" ("IRC nick") and the your IRC key (see: as a password. IRC allows only one connection at a time. So when a Foldit client is connected to chat, your Foldit user id is busy.

IRC chat clients automatically use a different IRC nickname if the first one is busy. For example, an IRC client may simply add an underscore to the IRC nickname, so "fred06" becomes "fred06_".

The problem is that the nickname goes with the IRC key. The Foldit IRC server won't recognize "fred06_" trying to use the IRC key for "fred06". properly. You won't be able to join your group's channel without having the correct combination of IRC nickname and IRC key.

Here's how to use IRC and Foldit at same time:

  1. Run IRC client
  2. connect to on port 6667
  3. use your Foldit user id as the IRC nickname
  4. authenticate with your Foldit IRC key using command "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY *IRCkey*", where "*IRCKey*" is the IRC key from "My Page"
  5. join group channel
  6. change nickname (using /nick command)
  7. run Foldit client

If you do NOT change your nickname in the IRC client, the Foldit client will NOT connect to IRC and you will NOT be able to send pretty pics :)

Happy IRCing :)

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