• Msuchard

    I start playing in may 2008 until October 2013. I am not a biologist and learned about the game in The Economist. I begin to play without thinking too much as an occupation of my fingers when I listen to music. I was more and more engaged on almost all the aspects of the game like writing recipes, helping on the chat, being a moderator and writing in the wiki.

    I played for the fun of the game. For me, the game was fun because it is not just trying many possibilities but trying to make a “good” shape of the protein. I discover the tools in playing with some help from the chat but mainly trying by myself. I liked more the early stages of the game like finding the global shape of the protein, for example to find the right order of the sheets. …

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  • Msuchard


    October 22, 2011 by Msuchard

    Almost all pages have now one or more categories to help navigation.

    The tree of begin by The game for all pages on Foldit.

    These categories are used to test a simplified version of the firts page of the wiki here :

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