• LociOiling

    Foldit for Beginners

    April 29, 2017 by LociOiling

    There's a new Beginner Puzzles page, which links to the detail pages for the six beginner puzzles that run in constant six-week rotation. The detail pages have also been updated and expanded.

    Over at Foldit central, there's a new forum post Get Started Playing Foldit!, which replaces the beta_helix's HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND START PLAYING FOLDIT! from 2010. The new post was one of Inkycatz's last official acts, and a few spots (like anywhere you see a Foldit download link) still point to the beta_helix classic. Inkycatz assured us that those links will get updated eventually.

    The next step here in wikiland is getting our own "start playing Foldit page" done. There's still not a good map on how to move beyond the intro puzzles. The How to get star…

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  • LociOiling

    Totally Scripted

    April 11, 2017 by LociOiling

    When I started playing four years ago, one of the most confusing parts of Foldit was scripting.

    The sample recipes in the cookbook were all GUI recipes. It was less than clear that there were two types of Lua recipes, V1 and V2, which use different functions. The was no mix-and-match between the two versions, so adding V2 functions in a V1 recipe is a no-go.

    The wiki didn't do a lot to reduce the confusion. A lot of the scripting pages were written before version 2 of the Foldit Lua Interface was introduced. There was a lot of information, but not a lot of guidance.

    So at long last, it was time for an overhaul. It's still a work-in-progress, but here's what we have so far.

    The beginner scripting tutorials have been completely revised and conve…

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  • LociOiling

    Wiggle Room

    March 18, 2017 by LociOiling

    I thought I understood wiggle and local wiggle, but my ideas didn't match what I found on the wiki pages.

    After some chatting with Susume, alwen, and Formula350, I finally did a little testing. (As Susume pointed out, "wiggle is determinate".)

    The big surprise was local wiggle. In the original interface, when you right-click (or control-click) and select "Wiggle" from the wheel menu, you get local wiggle. If you click on a sheet, it local wiggles the sheet and any adjacent loop sections. The wiki had the local wiggle part correct (although not super-clear).

    In the selection interface, if you double-click on the same sheet, it selects the sheet and adjacent loops. But when you wiggle, you get global wiggle. Even though it's wiggling the same segm…

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  • LociOiling

    The big news is the Intro Puzzles has been updated almost beyond recognition.

    For one thing, it's now called "Intro Puzzles", where the old version was still "Tutorial Puzzles". Not sure when the name changed, but it's been a while. The old page should redirect to the new page.

    The main Intro Puzzles page has been split into sub-pages. So you'll now see pages like Intro Puzzles/Electron Density. The new format should make for easier navigation with less scrolling. On the main Intro Puzzles page, there's an icon for each puzzle. Just click on the icon to get the help for that puzzle.

    Each puzzle page now links to the next and previous puzzles, using the same icons.

    The new format is also a lot easier to deal with in the wiki editor. I'd still rec…

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  • LociOiling

    Hello from wikiland

    February 22, 2017 by LociOiling

    I'm still having fun trying to whip this wiki into shape. Thanks to spmm for granting me and Paul Dunn additional rights. We now rule this wiki with an iron fist. (Technically, Paul has the iron fist, while I have heavy-duty rubber gloves and a large pair of tweezers. Let me know if you need something tweezed.)

    Part of the fun has been taking pictures of proteins, which is a lot easier in Foldit than in real life. I noticed that screen shots with a light background have a faint yellow cast, and figured out how to adjust the window background to fix it. My camera is trusty Paint Shop Pro (PSP), a venerable not-free but not-too-expensive product. It can also fix backgrounds, but it's easier to get them right from the start.

    I've also been tryi…

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