The Hail Mary Pass

Going for a win, end game strategy.

At the very end, if you are not winning, but close, you can try throwing a Hail Mary pass where you attempt a manuever with little chance of success but with a big payback (lots of points) in the hope that it will propel you into first place. You just never know what will work. Hail Mary passes were so named for their use in American football. The quarterback, late in the game with little time left, would call a play that had little chance of success, say a 'Hail Mary' prayer and attempt it.

This illustrates just how fickle these puzzles can sometimes be. Its difficult to know if you have reached a minimum energy value with your puzzle or just crossing a local low point on the way to something much lower. Sometimes attempting big jumps can help you to cross those spots.

Sidechain Fflipper, and some rebuilders can, with luck, score over walkers in the last rush for end game points.

More Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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