Foldit Research Labs Index - Main IndexEdit


Game PlayEdit

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End
  1. Null Point Pulling

Solo PlayEdit

  1. Point Scripts -- strategies for running scripts

Team PlayEdit

  1. Team Evo -- How To Evo As A Team
  2. Evolver Play -- Techniques for evolving.

Guide MatchingEdit

Bands & Hand PullingEdit

  1. Banding Techniques -- and Guide Matching

Stratagies for Different Types of PuzzlesEdit

  • De novo Freestyle Puzzles
  1. Starting a De novo Puzzle and Building Structure -- Also Shows Pulling Structure Through to the Other Side.
  • Exploration
  • Frozen Backbone
  • Interface
  • Ligand
  1. Ligand Pulling

More Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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