Evolver Techniques.

The power of working as a group can be exploited in Evolver techniques such as these:

Since folders are from around the globe, your team can develope a global work habit. As the folders from New Zealand and China are signing off for the evening, those in the U.K. and Germany might just be getting started and those in the U.S. might be sitting down to a morning cup of coffee. In that way, the puzzle might get 24/7 attention.

The right approach is not always apparent in any particular puzzle. Sometimes a particular script might work well. Sometimes, it might not. By having multiple team members try different scripts simultaneously and sharing results, the team can discover winning strategies more quickly than teams that fail to communicate within their own ranks.

Sometimes, especially when the puzzle gets near the end, it requires much more attention and skill then in the earlier portions of the game. It can be a lot of hard work!!! By having team members share the load, higher scores can be achieved. Getting two points with all manual pushes and pulls can also take a lot of time. Teams can evolve higher than individuals by sharing the load.

Teams can use many different ways to develope a division of labor technique, where different team members work different parts of the puzzle. Naturaly the game is divided by solo work and evo work. Some teams have strict rules of folding, other teams are more relaxed.

One useful team strategy is for a lead soloist to do hand work and rebuilds, which require a lot of attention, and for evolvers to use time-consuming scripts (usually banders). The soloist will continue to be focused on his/her work, while not wasting CPU cycles with scripts that may not produce the jumps that a soloist may achieve.

To win as a team you need to share your scores and your knowledge, and all work together as friends.

link for more information:

More Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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