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Players and teams have very different strategies. With that said, here are some of the goals and methods that have often been found to be helpful.

First, there are several goals to pursue that will increase a fold's score. They include the following:

These goals should be considered at all stages of the game, from the opening to the middlegame to the endgame.


Several strategic tips that may prove useful include the following:

  • Use rubber bands to pull together structures.
  • Always resolve sidechain clashes.
  • Find low-scoring areas (those that appear lighter green, tan, or red in normal mode, and appear grey, pink, or red in Colorblind mode) and local wiggle them.
  • Consider a rebuild on areas that score particularly low, that cannot be made more compact, or that otherwise look inappropriate.



Some endgame strategies are as follows:

Suggested Methods

Evolver Play

Evolving is a team sport - Evolver Play -- explanation is here, with links to some evolver strategies, thoughts, and opinions.

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