Select new save sol 1

Save Solution Save your solution quickly. By pushing this button > > > >

Save sol2

<<<< You well see this window.

Title restrictions - alpha numaric and . only.

Suggested Information - score, name, solo or evo, and where its from.

Also a short discription. to mention if walked, and what scripts were used.

Adding what scripts might evo well help your team mates.

Shared Solutions from one computer to another

At the bottom of the puzzle screen is a tab marked "Menu". From that tab select "open/share solutions". "Save Current solution" It will appear on the right side of the screen under "local solutions".

Local solutions are saved only on that particular computer. In the middle of the screen, click on "upload for myself". Your solution will appear on the left under "shared solutions". At home, on your other computer, look in the "Shared Solutions". You can double click on your solution.. or click once and then click "load"...or you can "download" to your "local solutions" which will save it to your home computer.

If you improve it at home, upload the revised solution to the "shared solutions" so you can work on it further using your other computer(s).

If you join a group, you use that screen to download their shared solutions, or to upload your solutions for them to try to evolve.

There seems to be a limit of three solutions that you can upload for yourself.

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