Rock the Boat Pulling with Bands

Rock The Boat -
A hand banding method

Another way to gain points is to rock smaller parts of a puzzle. This is done by placing bands on the smaller parts of the protein and then enabling/disabling them rapidly while performing "wiggle all".

[insert image showing a small portion of the protein with bands. Caption should read "Prepare the area you wish to rock with bands, then, in rapid succession, hit "W" for 'wiggle all' and "D" for 'Disable All'.]

Bands are activated on amino acids which are wiggling. By hitting "W" the entire protein begins to wiggle. By hitting "D", the bands are quickly disabled. This can be done in rapid succession, too. This produces the efffect of a gentle tug, rocking the protein. This rocking pulls the banded segments slightly away from the protein and then allows it to settle back in, hopefully better relaxed, and into a higher score.

This method works for ligand puzzles but you will need to pull the ligand a lot harder. If your score drops too much, Just restore and repeat.

Counterintuitively to the graphic representation of bands, length does not equal strength. Making a longer band does not make it pull any harder. If you want stronger 'pull' you have to use the tool or script to set band strength. To increase 'pull', you can set multiple bands.

Results are serendipidous; happy accidents occur without warning. :) So, just keep trying! Happy Rocking.

More Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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