Reset Puzzle in the Actions menu of the original interface.

Reset Puzzle resets the protein to its original starting pose, including the starting score and secondary structure. (Multi-start puzzles are an exception, see below.)

In the original Foldit interface, Reset Puzzle is available from the Actions menu.

In the selection interface, Reset Puzzle is located on the Undo menu.

In both interfaces, Reset Puzzle is also available via the control+R keyboard shortcut.

Save Solution can be used to preserve the current pose before resetting the puzzle.

Resetting the puzzle does not affect the best score. Restore Credit Best restores the best-scoring pose at any time.

Multi-Start PuzzlesEdit

In a multi-start puzzle, such as the beginner puzzle Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start, Reset Puzzle advances to the next starting pose. For example, the puzzle might have six starting poses. Foldit randomly selects a starting pose the first time the puzzle is opened. If the puzzle started with pose 3, resetting the puzzle advances to start pose 4.

Resetting the puzzle repeatedly eventually returns a multi-start puzzle to the original pose.

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