Puzzle 672 Starting Asymmetry

2EZW Related protein-protein interaction modules present drastically different surface topographies despite a conserved helical platform. Banky, P.,  Roy, M.,  Newlon, M.G.,  Morikis, D.,  Haste, N.M.,  Taylor, S.S.,  Jennings, P.A.

TimovdL> I started with a good symmetry. Found the docking places. I really think that if this was posted not with a froozen part but with constaints on the mirror part (tight ones on the core, no so tight in the extremes) we could come very close to the native. And some bonussystem on conformance with symmetry is really needed in this type of puzzle. The froozen part is so bad especially the sidechains that it is not realistic in my opinion. I tried to close the cys bridges but couldnt get the score past 6600 then

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