Puzzle 536 CASP ROLL Target R0018

Protein: SAV0303

Organism: Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus Mu50

36] <smilingoneIRC> gmn, what amazes me is when I rebuild helixes and make them pretty, the score goes down.

[07:12:46] <brow42> I know :(

[07:12:55] <brow42> those helices are pretty curvy though

[07:13:07] <brow42> they don't want to be straight

[07:13:07] <smilingoneIRC> I know...

[07:13:28] <gmnirc> how one tells (shrugs) :P

[07:13:46] <smilingoneIRC> I wonder how they are in nature?

[07:13:46] <brow42> I just turned sheets in 538 into helices, and I'm 500 poitns down from where I was...I keep rebuilding the helices but the score isn't going up

[07:14:05] <smilingoneIRC> have you shaken it all out yet?

[07:14:06] <gmnirc> you and paudunn had that one locked up--which template did you use?

[07:14:28] <brow42> I did baker 1 and got no where

[07:14:31] <smilingoneIRC> I need to check to be sure

[07:14:34] <smilingoneIRC> just a sec

[07:14:43] <brow42> I mean zhang 1

[07:15:00] <smilingoneIRC> s4/z1

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