Puzzle 500 Cutpoint Puzzle

] <jflat06IRC> cutpoints allow you to move around the different segments of the protein

[03:04:53] <jflat06IRC> and yes - they all have constraints. this is because it's still all just 1 protein

[03:05:18] <@auntdeen2> okay - is it similar to freezing off sections to work on them?

[03:05:19] <jflat06IRC> therefore, if you separate two segments that are supposed to be connected, it should score poorly

[03:05:29] <jflat06IRC> sort of

[03:05:59] <jflat06IRC> it's more to allow you to restructure the protein more easily

[03:06:27] <jflat06IRC> for when you know which piece you want to go where, but are struggling to get it to go there

[03:07:15] <@auntdeen2> by pulling?

[03:07:31] <jflat06IRC> no - using the move tool

[03:07:39] <@auntdeen2> seems difficult in that respect

[03:07:48] <jflat06IRC> pulling actually works less than ideal in this puzzle

[03:07:57] <@auntdeen2> noticed :-)

[03:08:10] <jflat06IRC> eventually we want to have it such that you can cut wherever you want, and then stick them back together at will

[03:08:19] <jflat06IRC> in which case you'll get the best of both worlds

[03:08:32] <@auntdeen2> that will be great!

[03:10:19] <@auntdeen2> jflat - where is the "move" tool?

[03:10:43] <@auntdeen2> (asking the stupid questions so that no one else needs to)

[03:10:51] <jflat06IRC> if you click on the segment you want to move, it should show up

[03:11:14] <@auntdeen2> so each section has it's own by left clicking on the seg, right?

[03:11:19] <jflat06IRC> right

[03:11:39] <jflat06IRC> is it not working?

[03:11:42] <@auntdeen2> thanks ;-)

[03:11:51] <jflat06IRC> lol, you have me worried

[03:11:54] <@auntdeen2> it's working

[03:11:57] <jflat06IRC> okay

[03:12:12] <spmm> but the blue bits do not break and reconnect?

[03:12:17] <jflat06IRC> nope

[03:12:33] <jflat06IRC> the "connectedness" of a cutpoint is based on proximity and alignment

[03:12:41] <jflat06IRC> which the constaints take care of for you

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