Puzzle 431

3S7R Crystal structure of a Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A/B (HNRPAB) from Homo sapiens at 2.15 A resolution Joint Center for Structural Genomics, Partnership for T-Cell Biology, Partnership for Stem Cell Biology

431 zoom anthunk

431 Anthunk

Just for fun, the #research channel is providing a prediction of the top score based on the mini-Rosetta scoring function. As of 6/16/2011, we are predicting a theoretical top score of: 20060 / 1.9 = 10557.894. At the moment, the top score is 10,340 (almost 98%). If the prediction is sound, with 5 days left, there is little room for improvement. Please be aware that this prediction can be wildly off.

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