Puzzle 425 H2N2 Flu Design Puzzle 1


pos new start
289 Glutamic acid Valine
290 Alanine Glutamic acid
292 Leucine Glutamic acid
293 Arginine Alanine
294 Isoleucine Valine
299 Aspartic acid Tyrosine
300 Glutamine Glutamic acid
301 Glutamic acid Threonine
302 Threonine Glutamic acid
304 Glutamic acid Alanine
306 Histidine Aspartic acid
309 Leucine Methionine
312 Isoleucine Methionine
316 Isoleucine Valine
318 Methionine Alanine
320 Asparagine Lysine
322 Serine Proline
324 Lysine Proline
326 Glutamic acid Proline
327 Glutamic acid Histidine
329 Arginine Glutamine

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