Puzzle 393 is at:

The puzzle started on 01/11/2011 and ended on 01/20/2011

In this interface design puzzle there is something very wrong with the terminal loop, can you improve the interface? If you are new to Foldit, make sure you have completed the Introductory Design Puzzles (6-1 through 7-2).."

It was a design puzzle

The top score was 11,308 (solo score by CFC).

Several people kindly posted screenshots of their top solutions [Note: server is having problems so images may not appear]:

Evolver solutions:

  • CFC's 1st place solution:
  • grabhorn's 2nd place solution:
  • djag's 3rd place solution:
  • Mark-'s 4th place solution:
  • Bletchley Park's 5th place solution:

Solo solutions:


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