Freezing and Pulling While RebuildingEdit

First, freeze the entire protein and unfreeze only the structure and any adjacent loops that you want to move. Always be sure there is room enough to land where you want your section to go. Make sure that there is also enough length in the adjacent loops to stretch far enough to get your section to where you want it to land.

Next, place bands to pull the unfrozen section through the rest of the frozen protein to where you want it to land. Then run a rebuild of the unfrozen section. As the rebuild runs this section should pass though to where your bands pull it. The structure will not go any further then you can stretch the adjacent loops. Caution: you can very easily get stuck in the middle of some other part of your protein if the adjacent loops aren't long enough or your bands are misplaced.

Freeze and Just Pull it Around Edit

Brute force hand pulling.

First, freeze the protein and unfreeze just the parts that you want to move. Then, pulling with the force arrow (left click-slide) the part you want to move. This is brute force hand pulling. If you like to fish this is the one for you. You on one end and the protein on the other. Just make sure to place bands between your sheets and any other parts you want to stay in place. You can also put short bands to the background to help keep it anchored in place when you are pulling on the rest of it.

Progressively Band and ReleaseEdit

Progressive band and release is a gentler method then brute force pulling.This is good for getting a structure around the end of your protein when you can't pull it directly there. After freezing the parts you dont want to move, drift your protein on wiggle all and then progressively band and release the moving structure, passing the protein from band to band walking it around corners or side to side or end for end.

Feel the ForceEdit

Folding is a feel the force thing. Be sure to follow those feelings as to what to run or do next. If it feels good for you, it is. Often it is your intuition that is the best guide. Listen to your little voice, Feel the force. Just do it.

More Techniques at >The Foldit Labs

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