Protein Pose and some scoring factors

The pose is the position or "conformation" of a protein at a point in time.

Many Foldit puzzles involve natural proteins. In these puzzles, the goal is to find the "native pose" of the protein.

In Foldit, you can save the current pose, which makes it a "solution". A solution is just a pose which has been saved to a file on your computer. You share a solution with your self, with members of your group, or with Foldit scientists. Shared solutions are stored on the Foldit server.

Historical versionEdit

This is an earlier description of "pose".

The conformation, or pose, is the resting state of a protein, after a Wiggle, Shake, or Rebuild operation. The goal of Foldit is to manipulate a protein into its lowest energy (native pose). A number of factors go into determining the score of a pose:

  1. Amino Acid (Sidechain) make-up of each peptide, as well as its Sidechain Snap position and bond strength
  2. Resultant Torsion / Dihedral angle for each backbone (Phi, Psi, and Omega angles), planarity of the peptide bond (Cis, Trans angles) and sidechain position in the pose (Trans, Gauche+, and Gauche- angles)
  3. Overall protein (polypeptide) length.

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