Win With Point Scripts

Chat room discussion:

"There was a puzzle recently in which I ran three scripts in a row over and over again for good progress."

"Yes, I do that Too."

"And though it is unusual for a repeated script to gain any more points, when I run these three in a row over and over again, they keep producing."

"Yes, they do."

Point scripts are scripts that make the most points on each specific puzzle. Different scripts will be considered Point Scripts for each puzzle. In other words, there will be a different set of scripts which produce points for each puzzle. An effective strategy, therefore, is simply to try many of your scripts to see which ones are this puzzle's Point Scripts. Then, run those over and over again. Mix up the order and keep repeating the best Point Scripts.

When you get stuck, try mixing in some walkers. That might sound counterintuitive but it works. In mid-game, you can use a walker and then run a rebuild. While the walker will tend to stiffen the protein, adding mojo to it, a rebuild will rejuvinate it, loosening it again. Towards the end of the game the mix may change to include more walkers. Try to find walkers that score the most points. Use these as the new set of point walkers. Use these new walking scripts at the end and keep repeating then until the end.

More Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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