1. Why isn't there a 64-bit client?
    • Developer resources
    • Rosetta said they would require more proof of desire for 64-bit clients
  2. Why does the client crash so much?
    • Many issues appear to be tied to network timeouts and memory limits
    • Adding memory to your system probably will reduce the occurrences
  3. How can I cut/paste in Linux? How can recipes be exported/imported in Linux?
    • In Recipe Editor, Use ^X to Cut, ^C to Copy, and ^P Paste to/from Clipboard
    • See Editing Foldit Recipes for a detailed description of how to import and export recipes stored in external files. Import and Export for Lua recipes is available on all Foldit platforms. Cut-and-paste methods resulted in control characters being embedded in many Foldit recipes. See Little Square Boxes for how to remove the embedded control characters.
  4. How can script output be captured outside of application?
    • The latest version creates a file within the application that contains the current script's output. The name will be "scriptlog.<trackname>.xml", where the <trackname> starts off as "default". All of the lines of output are put here. Note that the file contents are deleted when the next script is run.
  5. Is there a way to record puzzle progress in a movie?
    • TBD
  6. How to debug a LUA script?
    • Use print statements

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