Notre mode 1

Note Mode in the Mode menu

Note Mode is one of the main modes in Foldit's original interface.

Note mode can be selected from the Modes menu, or using the keyboard shortcut "3".

Note mode allows adding notes to segments.

Note 2

Note Box

In note mode, left-clicking on a segment opens a note box. The text entered in a note box is displayed in a balloon while note mode is active.

Clicking on the same segment again displays the note box with the current notes. The note text can be edited. The note text can be deleted by clicking on the wastebasket icon in the upper left corner of the note box.

Segments notes are saved along with the current pose.

AllModes SegmentInfo

In original and selection interfaces, hover + tab displays segment information window, which includes notes.

Notes can also be added, viewed, and edited using the segment information window. Hovering over a segment and hitting the tab key opens the segment information window. The notes area at the bottom of segment information can be used to add, change, or delete a segment note.

The segment information window is available in all modes of the original interface, and in the Selection Interface.

In the selection interface, the segment information window is the only way to add or change segment notes. Notes can be displayed using the "1" keyboard shortcut in the selection interface, but if no notes are defined, the "1" shortcut switches to the original interface. The selection interface can be re-selected from the "Menu" menu.