What banding techniques do you use?Edit

Band segment to segment Band segment to space Modifying the band strength

what tricks do you use for different types of puzzles?Edit

Denovo/Freestyle i use 1 second of doom to compress and the run compressor for usualy good results but of course this scrambles the protein. Guide match the best is to band the backbone and the sidechains to the guide. this helps twist the backbone into the proper orientation Multistart/Template try rav sbs multistart Ligands Surface to surface

How do you use bands at different parts of the game?Edit

To move a beta sheets together. To move alpha helix from one area to another. To compact a tertiary structure at mid/end-game To slide over area towards other areas, not necesarily reducing voids. (keypoint bands)

How do you match a guide puzzle?Edit

I don't use too many bands when I start the puzzle. I band the end of SS to its matching portion on the guide as it is easier to spot than a random loop. To remove the chance of your SS of bend around, you may want to freeze them before running wiggle all. Once each SS are almost perfectly settled in their spots, you'll want to realign your guide.

Once this is done, if you wish to keep following the guide segment per segment, you may want to start working on individual rows of loops at a time. Band every part of the loop to match the guide. Now comes one of the trickiest part. Right-clicking the loop and choosing wiggle might not prove as useful as expected. Same applies for pulling. Do not wiggle all as it may throw your structure out of whack. You'll need to play with the clash, while tugging and wiggling the loop, and shaking/wiggling the sidechains every so often. Once part of the loop is close enough, you may want to freeze it and work on the rest of the loop untill most of it is in the right place. Disable the bands and right-click the loop and wiggle to release the remaining tension. Now proceed unto another loop.

More Techniques and tips at > The Foldit Labs

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