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Foldit recipes can be written using Lua Scripting. Lua is a simple programming language. Like GUI recipes, recipes written in Lua contain a series of instructions or commands that tell Foldit what to do with your protein.

Lua recipes have many features not found in GUI recipes. For one thing, more Foldit commands are available in Lua. Also, programming features, such as variables, if-then-else statements, while loops, and functions are available in Lua.

Lua is easy enough to learn that everyone can use it, even people who have never programmed or scripted before.

The best place to get started if you don't have any programming experience is to work through the beginner scripting tutorials:

If, on the other hand, you have some programming experience or want to get a quicker start, begin with Lua Scripting Tutorial (Intermediate). This intermediate tutorial starts from the ground up and assumes no prior knowledge but moves through material at a more rapid pace, including basics about how to run and modify scripts as well as core programming concepts like looping and variables.

Another option for experienced programmers is to use the full Lua Interface listing (below) in combination with the Lua Reference Manual to learn the material on your own. If you already know how to program, you'll find that it's just a matter of learning Lua's simple syntax and the Foldit command set. Additional resources for working with Lua are listed below, including guides to exporting and importing scripts.

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Resources Edit

Cookbook / Recipe Scripting TutorialsEdit

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Lua Language Edit

See Lua language reference.

Foldit Lua InterfaceEdit

See Foldit Lua Interface.

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