Level 4-2 Turn It Down

Turn It Down. Right-click on the helix and select "Tweak". Then use the purple arrow to rotate the helix counter-clockwise.

This puzzle has a helix with one sidechain showing. The sidechain is red, indicating it's not scoring well. (The sidechain does not have an exposed blob on it, however.)

Right-clicking the red sidechain (or anywhere on the helix) brings up a wheel menu like the one seen in the remix puzzle. Select the "Tweak" tool from this menu.

Level 4-2 Turn It Down Tweak tool

Tweak tool in action. Rotate the helix counter-clockwise a bit.

The Tweak tool show purple arrows close to the helix. Click and drag on the arrows to rotate the helix counter-clockwise. Then stop the tweak tool and shake and wiggle as usual.

Madde's "Turn It Down" video

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