Level 5-1 Quest to the Native

Quest to the Native. Right-click or control-click on the protein and select "Align Guide", then shake and wiggle.

In a Quest to the Native (QTTN) puzzle, the correct solution, or "native" is known.

The native is shown as a translucent guide.

Madde's "Quest to the Native" video

Loci's "Quest to the Native" video

A new tool called "Align Guide" is available to help you get started. You can find it in the actions menu in the lower right. Using Align Guide from the actions menu centers the whole protein on the guide. This gives you a starting point, but it's usually not a very good alignment.

You can also right-click (or control-click) on any segment and pick "Align Guide" from the wheel menu. This aligns the protein based on the spot where you clicked. (For example, try clicking on the helix in this puzzle.) This usually produces better results.

In general, Align Guide doesn't change the shape of the protein or try to figure out the best possible alignment.

After Align Guide, all that's really necessary in this puzzle is to shake and wiggle as usual. You can also use pulling and banding to help improve the score.

When banding, you can draw spacebands from a point on the protein to a matching point in the guide. Rotating the protein by dragging on the background can make it easier to find the correct spot on the guide.

Another way to find a spot on the guide is to hover on one of the stubs on the backbone of the protein. When you hover on a stub, the sidechain for that segment appears, both on the protein and the guide. You can draw a band from the sidechain to the ghost sidechain on the guide.

Technical stuff: it's been a while since there were any new QTTN puzzles in Foldit. They may reappear sometime in the future. This QTTN native puzzle is still useful as first step towards the similar but much more challenging Electron Density puzzle.