Level 5-1 Movin' Along

Movin' Along. The lower section of the protein needs to be aligned to the guide. The upper section is already aligned to its guide. Bands and freezes are disabled for this puzzle.

This puzzle introduces the move tool, which lets you move pieces of the protein around. In this puzzle, the protein happens to be in two separate pieces. With the move tool, you can move the pieces around separately.

This puzzle has a guide, like the previous Quest to the Native puzzle. The lower piece of the protein is not aligned to its guide.

The upper piece of protein is aligned to its guide. It's so well aligned that you really can't see the guide.

Just to make this puzzle more interesting, the "Align to Guide" tool is not available. Also bands and freezes have been turned off. The move tool is your only option.

To use the move tool, click anywhere on the lower piece of protein. A purple cross and a curved purple arrow appear. Click and drag on the purple cross to move the lower piece. In this puzzle, it's best to move the piece straight up the screen until it matches the guide.

If clashes appear between the two pieces of protein, use the move tool to move them a little farther apart.

Once the alignment looks good, shake and then wiggle to finish the puzzle. If you wiggle without shaking first, the two pieces of the protein will fly apart, and you'll need to move them back and try again. (Or, reset the puzzle.)

Technical stuff: the move tool is important. This puzzle is relatively easy, since moving the lower piece straight up the screen in usually enough. In other cases, you'll need to rotate the whole protein by dragging on the background to get a good alignment. The usual method is rotate up or down or right or left by about 90 degrees, check and adjust the alignment, then move 90 degrees in a different direction. Repeat as needed.

Madde's "Movin' Along" video

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