Level 4-1 HIde the Hydrophobic

Hide the Hydrophobic. Rotate the orange sidechain to get rid of the yellow "exposed" blob. Twist the blue sidechain to get rid of the spiky red "clash".

In this puzzle, one sidechain has a blotchy yellow exposed , and another has a spiky red clash.

As we've seen earlier, orange sidechains are hydrophobic . They want to be buried inside the protein.

Blue sidechains are hydrophilic. The longest hydrophilics need plenty of space, and should point outward. Smaller hydrophilics can be on the inside of a protein without causing problems.

To fix this puzzle, rotate the orange sidechain to the right. Pull the blue sidechain so it points outward. That's it, no wiggling or shaking needed once you get rid of the exposed and the clash.

Technical stuff: see hydrophobicity for more on hydrophobics versus hydrophilics. Check out the amino acid gallery, which helps make it clear why arginine, lysine, glutamate, and glutamine are better on the outside.

Madde's "Hide the Hydrophobic" video

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