Interface puzzlesEdit

What is an interface puzzle?Edit

An interface puzzle is a puzzle in which 2 subunit surfaces interact with each other. Steric conformation is important for interfaces to bind well to each other. Some interface puzzles allow their interface sidechains to be mutated so more possibilities are created. By convention, interface puzzles involve more hydrophobes because they are stuck between two surface, unless hydrophillic actions are required for the functionality of the interaction.

How do you make points on an interface puzzle?Edit

The goal is to get the most space filled between the two surfaces with stericity and hydrogen bond.

What are the different banding styles?Edit

Bands can be used to allow you to "rock the boat". It can also be used to move your surfaces to specific areas. Twisting and turning your surfaces for a better fit.

Moving the subunits around:Edit

By clicking any part of the backbone of the subunit (tertiary structure), you will see a purple star appear. If you move the mouse while left-clicking the star, it it pivot the subunit around on its own axis; if you right-click, you'll be able to move the subunit around on the XYZ plane without any resistance from clashes. Center-click to move it in and out. This feature can be disabled on certain interface puzzles. [Need peer-review for that since they may have always had it]

A similar version of "rock the boat" can be done with this tool, but it is more tedious. It involves having to move the subunit by a pixel or two and then running wiggling all. The step has to be repeated as desired. Many points can be attained this way, and is recommended at endgames.

Band to spaceEdit

On interface puzzles it is often good to set short bands radiating off into space. These can be set all around or all going just to one side. These bands are then disabled and "wiggle all"" or "wiggle backbone" is turned on. Then rapidly enable and then disable the bands. This method shakes the backbone and can let it settle into a new shape.

More Techniques at >The Foldit Labs

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