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Basic guidelines to improve your Foldit game play Creativity:

1. Don't follow the pack. Scout out to the side. Find your own path.

2. If you have rules, throw them out. Rules constrain creativity.

3 Don't be constrained. Creativity lies outside the lines.

4. A truly creative thought has never been thought of before.

5. Go where no one has gone before. Make that move that has never been made.

6. Be inquisitive. Question everything all the time. Things change.

7. Change your tactics. Remember: No rules! Not even your own.

8. Follow your feelings, Intuition is raw creativity. Use it well.

9. Play word games. They improve your brain. Bringing dissimilar thoughts together is the beginning of creativity.

10. Search out new ways of seeing the same thing from different prospective. Look at, or think of, all things from all sides. This is 3 D thought, it's like 3 D chess ;) Everything has a different point of view.

11. Go around hard parts! Don't bang your head on the wall. Be able to turn to the side and keep moving. Don't go through the hard spots, turn around! Work on the easy parts and the hard parts will just fall apart.

12. Take things apart and put them together differently. Build your own idea of a dream script.

13. Listen to music, or play an instrument after you fold.

14. Be creative, sing dance paint write.

15. Laugh a lot, tell jokes.

16. Do things in many different ways - sometimes, that will give you more success.

More Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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