Turning in and offline while playing Edit

If using a metered internet package, it may not be advantageous to stay connected to foldit for hours at a time. For those of you with a metered internet, this page was designed for you.

foldit dev comment:

 We strongly discourage doing this procedure, as this protocol will
 not guarantee that your high-scoring structure will be reported to
 the servers, thus defeating the key purpose of playing this game.

The steps to play Foldit offline under Windows are as follows:

You will need a software firewall, like Windows firewall, Norton, Sygate Personal, or a basic override to your internet connection (for example, a wi-fi or mi-fi disconnect) installed, and up and running, in order to accomplish this goal.
Once your firewall is installed and operating:
Step 1. Open foldit
Step 2. Once the main menu is shown (after logging into the game the "normal way") to foldit, then
a. using your firewall, block internet traffic to and from the foldit site, or
b. manually disconnect from the internet
This will not impinge your game play (offline, you will also be able to save as usual), except that you will need unblock foldit, or manually reconnect your internet, to successfully upload your score.
In Sygate, the disconnecting process is straightforward:
a) open the Sygate console by clicking on the symbol in your tray (bottom right side of the window)
b) in the lower portion of the console, under the heading of "running applications", locate the foldit.exe.
c) Right click the icon and choose "Block"
Step 3. When you are done playing offline, be sure to re-enable internet communications between the program and the foldit website, by following the below instructions, so that your score will update and you saves will be credited to you.
a) open the Sygate console by clicking on the symbol in your tray (bottom right side of the window)
b) in the lower portion of the console, under the heading of "running applications", locate the foldit.exe.
c) Right click the icon and choose "Allow"
Since you will already be logged in as your <username> to the game, your work will immediately be credited to you.

Starting off line Edit

You may want (or be obliged) to play Foldit offline from start. Click to the "play offline" button. When opening one or more offline clients, you can:
  • -play Tutorials
  • -play puzzles that where already downloaded before and/or saved locally, and save the results locally
  • -save a result in one client and open it in another client
  • -save a result that was previously downloaded from a shared solution or from one of your soloist designs, but only for further share in evolver mode: if you want to share this result, connect to internet, open a normal (on-line) client, open your saved result and share it. This result will only be available (to you and others) in evolver mode. That means that you'll need to add 2 points if you want to be credited (in the evolvers ranking). It's impossible to be credited as soloist for a solution that was worked in an off-line session (this is linked to id verification in order to avoid any kind of cheating or exchanged of "unsigned" solutions between friends for soloist advantage). Alternatively, it's possible to get a soloist solution in the evolver ranking (after adding 2 points). That's why you may see pure soloists with some "evolver" results on their page, or a player not member of any group competing side to side with group members in the evolver race, or to see a player with almost the same score in his/her soloist rank and in his/her evolver's scoreboard at end game (he/she evolved his/her own solution when there was no time for group members to share anything back).

Avoiding client crashes when playing off line Edit

Warning: when playing off-line (and certainly when the session was started offline), any actions that need a connection to the server may result in a client crash, for example:
  • -trying to share a solution;
  • -trying to create or to delete a track;
  • -trying to refresh the shared puzzle list, or the puzzle list (the ones we see are remembered from the latest time you was on line, you can only play these ones);
  • -trying to open a solution listed in the shared puzzle list (this list remains from the latest time you was connected)
  • -trying to download a recipe;
  • -trying to share a recipe (you may simply save your recipe and share it later when you are on-line);
  • -etc.
If you do this kind of action by error, be patient: if the client doesn't crash, it's possible that you simply get an error message and can continue playing afterwards, certainly if you started an on-line session and are currently disconnected.

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