Beta-Helix :

We always save all your solutions generated on a given puzzle!

This translates to about 500,000 Foldit solutions per puzzle!

As you can imagine that is way too much to look at so we do filter a lot. The different filters depend on the puzzle type, but here are some general ones:

1) Examine the top-scoring soloist solutions for every player

2) Examine the top-scoring evolver solutions for every player

3) Examine all the "shared to Scientists" solutions

4) For design puzzles: Examine the top-scoring solutions for each unique sequence

5) Cluster the solutions and look at the most populated clusters (this can sometimes be a problem if one team produced many similar solutions) so sometimes we have to cluster in a different way:

6) Take the top-scoring solution and look for the next highest-scoring solution that has an RMSD of at least X Angstroms, and cluster that way down the list. This gives us many different high-scoring topologies to look at.

So for this particular puzzle, if you have two very different solutions that score well, we will examine both of them for sure (as long as they are structurally different from one another or have a different sequence).

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