Tips for puzzles with frozen backbones.Edit

When a puzzle is frozen what does that mean?Edit

When a puzzle is frozen, it means that the backbone has been been made completely stiff. It's not the same as the regular frozen as the backbone cannot be unfrozen and appears normal. The only method to move the protein or subunits is with bands or by using the purple star to move the whole unit.

What are the best techniques?Edit

Depending on the puzzles, different tools will be useful.

Adding segmentsEdit

Some puzzles with frozen backbones will allow you to add and then remove those segments to a part of the protein (usually between 1-10 segments). You can sometimes also mutate these added segments.

Often frozen puzzles have constraints, what do you do ?Edit

Constraints are red lines indicatino that needed bonds are broken. Place bands along the red lines and wiggle backbone to bring them back together.

Banding tipsEdit

Occasionally there may be two separate proteins in a puzzle. Even if they are frozen, you can still move one of them. This may allow it to spring back and settle into a new position.

More Tips and Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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