The Folditverse consists of the myriad of places where Foldit players interact. (In this case, "myriad" means "handful".)

The main spots include:

  1. The Foldit wiki. You are here.
  2. The [ Foldit web site,]. That's where you can download the game. The main page has Foldit news. The latest news items also show up when you open the Foldit client.
  3. IRC chat. Either in the Foldit client or using an external IRC client. The #veteran channel is used for general discussion, and the #global channel is used mainly to assist new players. Each group also has its own private IRC channel.
  4. The Foldit forum. Part of the Foldit web site, for general discussion. Each group has its own forum as well.
  5. The Foldit blog contains discussions of new Foldit features and Foldit's role in the wider world of science.
  6. The feedback page. All the latest on what's not working.
  7. The Foldit At UW YouTube channel.
  8. Foldit (@Foldit) on Twitter.
  9. Foldit on Facebook.

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