Foldit is an online game in which humans try to solve one of the hardest computational problems in biology: protein folding. You don't need to know anything about biology to play the game, although a little background will help. Most Foldit player are not biologists. Read about The Science Behind Foldit.

New Players

Visit the, the official Foldit site to download the game and get started. Foldit runs on Windows, Mac, and 64-bit Linux. See Download-Install-Troubleshoot for install instructions. Use the feedback page if you're having trouble getting the game installed. If you're seeing "error contacting server" messages, update this feedback with details.

The Intro Puzzles show you the tools, try them before trying a science puzzle. (deutsch) | (svenska)

See Get Started Playing Foldit for more.

Please read the Foldit Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

See Foldit Status for any issues affecting the game.


  • Mojo filter: the Foldit Lua Functions have been updated to include the new "filter" functions and others now available in both Main and Devprev.
  • Order restored: the regular series of plain old revisiting puzzles has resumed after a weird July mashup with sketchbook revisiting puzzles.
  • Naming names: a number of Foldit players are listed as authors (using their real names) on an article just published in Nature Scientific Reports. See Interesting Articles (under "contribution of Foldit players to scientific results") for a complete list and a link to the paper.
  • Intro mayhem: the Intro Puzzles have been updated and expanded. A new puzzle was added, and the order of puzzles and levels was changed. The old system of numbered levels and puzzles has been removed. There are now videos for all 38 puzzles. There's a also a new Master List of Intro Puzzles for quick reference.
  • Happy birthday, Foldit! On 8 May, 2008, a press release from the HHMI announced Foldit to world, a day earlier than planned.
  • Ghoul-oriented: we have learned that fiendish_ghoul has successfully designed another self-folding protein. Designed in puzzle 1331 back in early 2017, the protein was presented as a de-novo in puzzle 1511, and now is back with electron density in puzzle 1516. This is the third player-designed protein to make the cut, with the help of our trusty pals E. coli. Congratulations to fiendish_ghoul!


David Baker (U

David Baker (U. Washington HHMI) Crowd Sourcing Protein Folding Rosetta@Home and FoldIt

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