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Welcome to the Foldit Wiki

Foldit is an online game in which humans try to solve one of the hardest computational problems in biology: protein folding. You don't need to know anything about biology to play the game, although a little background will help. Most of the players of Foldit are not biologists. Read about The Science Behind Foldit.

Visit the official Foldit site for downloads, puzzle and player information, the Foldit developer's blog, and feedback for reporting problems. (Use the feedback page if you're having trouble getting Foldit installed, or if the game crashes.)

Please read the Foldit Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.



David Baker (U14:42

David Baker (U. Washington HHMI) Crowd Sourcing Protein Folding Rosetta@Home and FoldIt

Foldit Status

Usually the Foldit page has the latest info. You can also check Foldit Status here on the wiki, and the latest updates and system status through the official Twitter and Facebook channels.

New Players

The intro puzzles show you the tools, try them before trying a science puzzle.

Further help getting started:

Several translations of the Foldit Wiki are available:
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Featured articles

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Helping out

This is a wiki about the Foldit game that anyone can edit. Before you do edit it, however, please take a look around and determine whether or not the article you'd like to write already exists. (If it does exist, feel free to make it better!)

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