In Foldit Lua V2, most functions are grouped into "name spaces", such as absolutebest, band, and behavior.

There are four very similar pose-related name spaces:

  • absolutebest
  • creditbest
  • current
  • recentbest
A "pose" is simply the position of the protein at a point in time. The current pose is how the protein looks at the moment. You can save to the recentbest pose, so there is recentbest.Save, which is missing from the other pose-related name spaces.The absolutebest, creditbest, and recentbest poses get updated automatically when the current pose beats their score. These name spaces all have a "Restore" method.The pose reflected by creditbest is only updated when credit is received for the score. Some conditions, such as open cutpoints, prevent a pose from receiving credit.

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