structure.SetSecondaryStructure Edit

Function: void structure.SetSecondaryStructure(integer segmentIndex, string secondaryStructure)
Description: Set segments secondary structure. Valid secondary structure values are "E" for sheet, "H" for helix, and "L" for loop. Type "M" for molecule (or ligand) is ignored. Values are case-insensitive.
V1 Function Name: New to V2

Remarks Edit

Secondary structure type "M" for molecule is used in some puzzles for ligands, which are separate structures that attach to the protein. While "M" is a valid return value from structure.GetSecondaryStructure, it is ignored for structure.SetSecondaryStructure.

Sample Edit

Code that set all MALEK acids to helix

for i=1,structure.GetCount() do
  local aaType=structure.GetAminoAcid(i)
  if  aaType=="m" 
      or aaType=="a" 
      or aaType=="l" 
      or aaType=="e" 
      or aaType=="k" then

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