get_segment_score_part Edit

number get_segment_score_part(string score_part, integer segment_index_1[, ..., integer segment_index_n])
Return the current score part of the given segments. More than one segment index may be specified.
V2 Function Name

More than one segment index may be specified.

Example Edit

The recipe print_segment_details shows an example of using get_segment_score_part to report on a single segment.

function print_segment_details(seg) 
  attr = {"clashing", "packing", "hiding", "bonding","backbone","sidechain","reference", "disulfides", "other"}
  rpt = "segment #" .. seg .. ":\n"
  tot  = 0
  for x=1,9 do 
    part =  get_segment_score_part(attr[x], seg)
    tot = tot +  part
    rpt = rpt .. attr[x] .. " = " .. part .. "\n"
  rpt  = rpt .. "Total = " .. tot .. "\n" ..
              "get_segment_score(" .. seg .. ") = " .. get_segment_score(seg) .. "\n\n"
 print (rpt)

The results look something like this:

Print segment details recipe output

Recipe Output

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