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number contactmap.GetHeat(integer segmentIndex1, integer segmentIndex2)
Gets the heat of two segments.
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Remarks Edit

In recent contact map puzzles, returns the "heat" or strength of the predicted contact between two segments. In some early contact map puzzles, the return values are either zero for no contact predicted, or one for a predicted contact. In later contact map puzzles, the return values ranged between zero and 1. 

Contact map puzzles include a condition which awards a bonus for solutions which match predicted contacts. In puzzles with variable contact "heat", the bonus is normally weighted by the "heat" value.

The values returned by this function can also be seen graphically in the Contact Map tool.

In recent contact map puzzles, the contact map reflects experimental results, and is fixed for the duration of the puzzle.

Note: the following description of exploration puzzles needs further verification. It's a rewrite of a earlier version of the documentation for this function.

In earlier exploration puzzles, the contact map was updated dynamically based on the results of other players. The "heat" value returned by this function reflected the likelihood that the two segments were in contact in player solutions. The return values ranged between zero and one.

In an exploration puzzles, the function contact.IsContact() indicated whether the two segments were predicted to be in contact. The maximum exploration bonus was awarded for making contact between segment pairs where contact.IsContact() returned true, and contactmap.GetHeat() returned zero.

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