band.AddToBandEndpoint Edit

integer band.AddToBandEndpoint(integer segmentIndex, integer bandIndex, [integer atomIndex])
Add a band to the endpoint of an existing band. Returns band number.
V1 Function Name
New to V2
More Information

Remarks Edit

This function allows you to create a band that terminates at the same endpoint as an existing band. If you use band.Add() to create a band to empty space, you can use this to create other bands that end at the same point in empty space.

Example Edit

This example adds a band to empty space at segment #2 of the protein. It then uses the band.AddToBandEndpoint() function to add a second band from segment #10 of the protein to the same endpoint in space.

local band1=band.Add(2,1,3,20,0,0)

See Also Edit

band.Add band.AddBetweenSegments

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