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Welcome to Foldit 101, designed to help with all the other stuff it’s useful to know.

Foldit 101 suggests that you have already

1 - Successfully downloaded and installed the game client, read: How to download and start playing Foldit

Tip: : In the password dialogue screen, check "Disable Server Timeouts", which may help speed things up.

Tip: Foldit will generally run faster if you have closed other programs as it is able to maximise its use of available resources.

2 - Read the Frequently asked Questions page.

Foldit 101 suggests that you may also like to read these articles:

The Foldit YouTube channel has lots of Foldit videos.

Foldit 101 topicsEdit

101 - Game Interfaces discusses the original and selection interfaces in Foldit.

101 - Cookbook introduction to the cookbook and recipes in Foldit.

101 - Puzzle Levels and Types describes the different types of Foldit puzzles.

The Tools section provides comprehensive information for all folding tools

101 - Feedback and Collaboration guide to Foldit feedback, chat, and forums

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