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Welcome to foldit 101, designed to help with all the other stuff it’s useful to know.

foldit 101 suggests that you have already

1 - Successfully downloaded and installed the game client, read: How to download and start playing Foldit

Tip: In the password dialogue screen, click the box to put an X next to Disable Server Timeouts, this helps to speed up puzzle loading.

Tip: foldit will generally run faster if you have closed other programs as it is able to maximise its use of available resources.

2 - Read the Frequently asked Questions portal page.

Foldit 101 suggests that you may also like to read these articles

The Science Behind Foldit:

Introduction to protein folding:

Tip: Search YouTube for foldit, and protein folding to find helpful and interesting videos

foldit 101 topics

101 - Game Interfaces

101 - Cookbook

101 - Puzzle Levels and Types

The Tools section provides comprehensive information for all interface tools

101 - Feedback and Collaboration

Foldit runs regular science and developer chats in global, transcripts:, these chats are announced on the foldit front page and in global.

Some players are invited to join the developer meetings using Skype, links to their reports below:

May 2012 - - Tools, scissors, pins, sliders

May 2012 - - GDT and RMSD graphs

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