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Welcome to the Foldit Wiki

Foldit is an online game in which humans try to solve one of the hardest computational problems in biology: protein folding. You don't need to know anything about biology to play the game, although a little background will help. Most of the players of Foldit are not biologists.


New foldit video: Through the eyes of a scientist, Design solutions reviewed

Vale and a Candle for Auntdeen

Foldit Status
If the official website is down please see the status page for more information and tips on how to keep playing offline. If IRC is not affected you can keep in touch using IRC

Foldit Chat Guidelines
Foldit IRC (chat) Information

Foldit provides the latest updates and system status through the officialTwitter and Facebook channels.

The official Foldit site has current client downloads, puzzles and up to date blogs and feedback.

CASP11 2014 Information
- Foldit CASP11 Category scoreboard
- Puzzle Results Images of CASP11 puzzle solutions from the players
- Detailed CASP11 info and scoreboards on the German wiki (in German)
- CASP 11 Official siteand Target List which will have relevant PDB codes as they become available.

Foldit Translations

Foldit Wiki is also available in: FlaggeDE German FlaggeItalien Italian Nihon-Japan-25Japanese 25px-Flag of South Korea Korean FlagRussia Russian FlagSpain Spanish France-25 French

Thanks to the volunteers who create the translations which make foldit an internationally accessible game. Please note that there are often changes to the game program and the updated translation file [.pot] is not made available immediately, this may make some parts of the translation confusing or unavailable.

Foldit Accessibility

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Downloading and Installing Foldit

Foldit can be played on:

Click the appropriate link to download the version for your operating system.

Multiple Foldit Clients

New Players

Why fold? This article explains the basics of Foldit: [The Science Behind Foldit]

The place to get started is the tutorial puzzles. Make sure that you do all of those before trying a science puzzle.

What Next?

  • Foldit 101 <- Helps with all of the other things you may find useful to know including recipes.
  • FAQs <- Frequently asked questions (including Tracks & Multiple Foldit clients)
  • How to get started <- With pictures from an actual puzzle
  • Puzzle Results <- Look here to see some pictures on solutions submitted by players

A very good 40 minute video by Firas Khatib (Beta_Helix), describing Foldit, the basics of the science of protein folding, scoring, CASP, and answering many other questions about protein folding: [Beta's Foldit video]

Featured articles



These pages describe how to get better scores.

Wisky tand contenders

Have you just finished the tutorials and see this? What does a winning result look like? We've asked the top players to post their solutions to previous puzzles and they graciously shared their results. Read on to see their solutions!

The Science

These pages describe the science of protein folding.

The Game

These pages describe the mechanics of the Foldit game.


Helping out

This is a wiki about the Foldit game that anyone can edit. Before you do edit it, however, please take a look around and determine whether or not the article you'd like to write already exists. (If it does exist, feel free to make it better!)

To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below.

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