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You can either:

- try to fold the protein in a more compact shape with orange in and blue out without structure with all the tools you just learned: wiggke with bands, shake, rebuild.

- put a structure like sheets and helices and rebuild all the protein (ctrl a to select the all thing) and perfect your solutions with all the tools.

This puzzle is a de novo puzzle, see the strategy of some players:

How to get started

Hand folding de novo S pletsch

Marie-s strategy for hand folding

How to start folding a DeNovo (freestyle) puzzle

and some videos here

See here some previous folding by player of this unknown protein:

Puzzle 427

Puzzle 430 Easy Mini Freestyle Puzzle 1b

At some point:

  • you should try more view options, go to main menu, then general options then advanced GUI. You should them try to click on relative score to see the worst segments on your protein. You can also click on a segment then click on tab so see detail on the scoring of the segment ( score ) and disable the virtual band joining cutpoints in behavior menu.
  • you should try selection interface.

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