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Contests can be used to fold your own protein, make a competition for a group of students or test recipes or new stratégies.

Contest to fold your own proteinEdit

If you want to create your own puzzle, you can create a contest.When you launch the game and Play Online, click on the big "Contests" button to the right of "Science Puzzles".

Then click "Add Contest" and you can select any one of these contest puzzles that will not expire: Select the "Freestyle Design: Variable Length" Puzzle.

To copy your sequence :

unload the recipe AA Copy Paste Compare v 1.0 -- Brow42

run it, click write, start segment=1, and copy your sequence in "primary", click on write.

When you have created a contest, you get a link to allow people joining it . If someone clicks on this link, he or she should be able to join the contest.

Other solution to use foldit on your own research :If you are an academic you can download the standalone version of Foldit here:  Rosetta can only read PDB files that start with ATOM so if you tried loading in a PDB from the RCSB the Foldit standalone will probably have crashed. Just only keep the ATOM lines and then try loading that in!

List of contest proteinsEdit

GTPase Ras

HIV protease

Multi-Start Bacteroides Vulgatus Contest

Nanog Contest Puzzle

SEAL MYOGLOBIN (with ligand)

Server models for T0743 Contest

CASP training puzzle

CASP9 Target 611 residue protein

Beginner Alignment Puzzle

Contest Template Test

Frizzled Design Puzzle Contest

Freestyle Design 40

Freestyle Design 80

Freestyle Design 500

Freestyle Design: Variable Length

  • Rv0500B - small protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
  • Rv0657c - small protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

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