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Contact MapEdit

The Contact Map button - Shows the Contact Map.

On the old contact map was shown your score multiplyer and the red and white squares. The Exploration Score was equal to the Solution/energy Score also called the Stability Score, and this was multiplied by a Score Condition or Score Multiplier.

On the current (2016) Contact map is shown green and white squares, and black dots. Green squares indicate a probable contact (=2 residues that should be close to each other, say <8 A). Dark green have a great contact probability (or "heat"). Light green have a bigger uncertainty. White are no contact. Black dots show the current contacts of your puzzle. The game is to try to put a black dot inside of each green squares, and as less as possible in the white squares.

The Stability SolutionEdit

Solution/Energy Score. These different types of score serve various purposes. The Stability Solution/Energy Score measures the individual forces affecting an animo acid's correctness, adds them all up across the protein, and adds 8000 to produce the final result.

Exploration/Multiplier score (deprecated)Edit

The Multiplier was scaled to produce a multiplier of between 0.00 and 3.00.

The multiplier was created from the contact map. With more contact in non-red areas equal to a higher multiplier. But this was non-linear, so the first 2 were easy, next 0.5 was harder and last 0.02 was silly. Exploration score was equal to the energy score x multiplier. So a stability of 9500 and multi 2.85 gives us a 27075 exloration score. Also in exploration puzzles "recent best" and "very best" were for EXPLORATION scores, not ENERGY score (many recipes still include this distinction between energy score and exploration score - this is a remain from history). So if you had good stability with a weak multiplier you have to make more changes to the contacts in your protein.The best way to deal with this type of puzzle was to make a 3.0 multiplier early at the start, and then push up the energy score higher and higher.

The Contact MapEdit

Contact maps are calculated following probabilities in big scientific databases. Example of solved proteins and related contact maps are illustrated here. Use these pictures in order to train reading a contact map

The segments lie along the diagonal line. With segment one being at the left bottom and the last segment being at the top right. The area below this diagonal line on the Contact Map is divided into cells; each cell represents a pair of contacting segments along the protein. When two segments are close enough to form bonds, they are said to be contacting. By selecting a square on the contact map, you can see exactly which pair of segments it corresponds to, and how that pair is making contact. When you click on a black cell a green band means a bond has already been made. When you click on a white or red cell a red band appears between the two corresponding segments indicating that those points need to be brought closer together.

The more common anti-parallel contacting sheets have segment numbers that count up then down. These sheets draw groups of black dots going from upper left to lower right, and the less common parallel sheet contacts that have segment counts that go up up or down down, form groups of black dots going from upper right to bottom left.

To select a group of contacting cells, simply click-drag the group of cells. Click-drag again, to select or remove them, or use the clear all cells button. Corresponding green bands for each selected black cell, as well as red bands for each selected white or red cell, show up directly on the puzzle.

Cell colors (deprecated)Edit

In previous versions of Foldit, cells were colored to indicate how many players had successfully explored that cell: red cells indicated the cell had been well-explored. Red cells awarded few points. White cells indicated where you should explore making more contacts. Since the point of exploration puzzles was to encourage exploration, "to go where no one has gone before", by using the white cell contacting segments, you were awarded the most points possible towards your score. Basically, the idea was creating bands between the segments colored white and then contracting inwards to maximize your score.

Exploration Puzzle Tutorial video

More Techniques at > The Foldit Labs

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