Some puzzles have conditions that must be met before a player's score can be ranked.

Conditions not met

Solution with multiple conditions not met.

The most common conditions are:

When conditions are not met, the score at the top of the screen is crossed out, and the score won't appear on the scoreboards. The "conditions satisfied" line appears in red, and the unsatisfied conditions are listed if you open the dropdown.

Note: it's worth restating that an unsatisfied condition prevents your solution from showing on the scoreboards. Even if you have the best solution when the puzzle expires, a single open cutpoint prevents it from showing up on the scoreboards.

Conditions in Exploration puzzlesEdit

The following section is included for historical purposes. It describes conditions found in deprecated exploration puzzles.

For example, in this puzzle 3 exploration requirements have not been met so the user, along with 4 others, has not been ranked despite having a positive score.

Foldit 1281622497

Conditions example. 3 sections have yet to be sufficiently explored, so the user's score is not ranked.


(Warning, the following is from a new user trying to fill in missing information.)

Sections labeled as requiring "exploration" must be changed a certain amount from their starting state in order for the condition to be met. By expanding the "[#] conditions not met" list under the score in the default GUI the amount of exploration required can be seen. This can be seen in the screenshot above.

It is unclear as to how the exploration count is tallied, but by moving or rebuilding the section the count can be changed.

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