Troubleshooting Mac Issues Edit

This page is for general troubleshooting information for Foldit players on Mac

1. Text Files in Sierra don't work the way they did in El Capitan or previous. Edit

Q. I recently installed Sierra OS. I need to save my options.txt file but when I open it in TextEdit it's not showing up in English. Is there something wrong with my OS?

A. Nothing is wrong. In Sierra you can view and save these types of text files using LogViewer. To do this:

  1. Highlight the text file you want to open
  2. In the finder bar, select File->Open WIth
  3. In the dropdown, select LogViewer.

If you need to save this file as text only once you've opened it do this:

  1. With your text file open, you should see the LogViewer finder bar.
  2. In the LogViewer finder bar, select File->Save As. This will open a dropdown in your text file.
  3. Rename if needed in the Save As text box
  4. Select the destination in the Where dropdown (browse to it in the window that opens, if needed)
  5. Click the dropdown next to File Format (Text Document is the default but you need to select it)
  6. Click Save.

If you need to open the file again, once you have saved it using LogViewer you can open it in TextEdit. If you need to edit and save text only files in TextEdit, change its settings (it defaults to Rich Text, which won't load in Foldit) by doing this:

  1. Open TextEdit.
  2. Select Preferences in the TextEdit finder bar TextEdit menu
  3. Click New Document at the top of the Preferences window (it will show up gray)
  4. Select the radio button for Plain text
  5. Click Open and Save at the top of the Preferences window (it will show up gray)
  6. Select the checkbox to Add ".txt" extension to plain text files.
  7. Under Plain Text File Encoding make sure Opening Files and Saving Files are both set to Unicode (UTF-16)

One more tip for saving Foldit text files:

Make Foldit Docs folders inside your Mac user Documents folder and store copies of your often used Foldit .txt files there (example: "Foldit Docs Main" and "Foldit Docs Devprev"). This is particularly useful if you work with multiple clients. You can name a folder for each client or each puzzle and save script logs and log.txt files into these folders using LogViewer if you are collecting crash information to post in Foldit's Feedback section.

2. Mac keeps periodically hanging up and I have to hard reboot Edit

If your Mac suffers a hard freeze and it doesn't involve a foldit client "hanging"... foldit isn’t at fault. Read on:

Symptoms of "finder freeze" I have been experiencing numerous random instances when nothing extraordinary is going on with my computer but all of a sudden, the only thing that works is my mouse.

The screen appears frozen but isn't (can see the mouse movement) but all else is not activatable. The only resolution is a hard reboot.

What I discovered Today (June 10 2017) I finally located what I'd begun to call the “Mac Crash” (freeze and hang requiring reboot) culprit… GoogleSoftwareUpdateAgent. This has frozen me out many times but iuntil I started monitoring the Console system.log I never saw a consistent pattern. Good news is that I was able to turn this updater off.

The latest freeze occurred after I had opened Chrome Browser to do something my Safari browser refuses to do. Don't know if that is what triggered google updater (as it has happened previously, numerous times, with only Safari running). The updater is set to occur at regular intervals.

Where I found the fix: Searched/google (oh the irony) for “how to disable Google SoftwareUpdateAgent” and found a link to a As the article title implies, this is information about the "finder freeze" - and the author of the site, "philastokes" instructs you how to disable it.

Note If you use the above method to remove this hang-inducing nuisance you will need to run periodic updates manually once the updater's turned off. The article also tells you how to do this.

You need a little experience using Terminal to fix the critter...but you can also search on how to do that if you don't already know. It's really dead simple, just cutting and pasting a command into terminal and it's done

That's definitely better than random hangs right in the middle of having 4 foldit clients open! This is a setting Google just foists on us and it runs in "stealth"... without notifications or asking permission.

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