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CASP Targets are often used in several puzzles this table helps to find either the taget and see which puzzle it was used in, or to find a puzzle and see what the target was. For example Target 759 was used in puzzle 886 and puzzle 890b.

CASP Target <> Puzzle Finder
Target Puzzle ' Puzzle Target
857956: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR857968: Final CASP11 Target Ts812: Sparse Data Contacts812
856957: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR856967: CASP11 Target Tc827: True Contacts827
855948: CASP11 T0855: Final WeFold Round966: CASP11 Target Tc853: True Contacts853
854960: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR854965: CASP11 Target Tc848: True Contacts848
853966: CASP11 Target Tc853: True Contacts964: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR848848
853946: CASP11 T0853: WeFold Round 963: CASP11 Target Tc824: True Contacts824
848965: CASP11 Target Tc848: True Contacts962: CASP11 Target Tc818: True Contacts818
848964: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR848961: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR837837
848947: Bonus CASP11 T0848: Quick WeFold Round960: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR854854
846944: CASP11 T0846: WeFold Round959: CASP11 Target Tc810: True Contacts810
844943: CASP11 T0844: WeFold Round958: CASP11 Target Ts827: Sparse Data Contacts827
842941: CASP11 T0842: WeFold Round 957: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR856856
838938: CASP11 T0838: WeFold Round 956: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR857857
837961: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR837954: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR828828
837942: CASP11 T0837: WeFold Round953: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR228228
833950: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR833952: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR822822
829936: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR829951: CASP11 Target Ts824: Sparse Data Contacts824
828954: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR828950: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR833833
827967: CASP11 Target Tc827: True Contacts949: CASP11 Target Ts818: Sparse Data Contacts818
827958: CASP11 Target Ts827: Sparse Data Contacts948: CASP11 T0855: Final WeFold Round855
824963: CASP11 Target Tc824: True Contacts947: Bonus CASP11 T0848: Quick WeFold Round848
824951: CASP11 Target Ts824: Sparse Data Contacts946: CASP11 T0853: WeFold Round 853
824931: CASP11 T0824: WeFold Round 945: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR816816
822952: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR822944: CASP11 T0846: WeFold Round846
822930: CASP11 T0822: WeFold Round 943: CASP11 T0844: WeFold Round844
820929: CASP11 T0820: WeFold Round 942: CASP11 T0837: WeFold Round837
818962: CASP11 Target Tc818: True Contacts941: CASP11 T0842: WeFold Round 842
818949: CASP11 Target Ts818: Sparse Data Contacts940: CASP11 Target Tc802: True Contacts802
818926: CASP11 T0818: WeFold Round 939: CASP11 Target Ts810: Sparse Data Contacts810
816945: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR816938: CASP11 T0838: WeFold Round 838
816927: CASP11 T0816: WeFold Round936: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR829829
812968: Final CASP11 Target Ts812: Sparse Data Contacts934: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR803803
810959: CASP11 Target Tc810: True Contacts933b: CASP11 Target Ts802: Sparse Data Contacts802
810939: CASP11 Target Ts810: Sparse Data Contacts932: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR795795
804918: Extra Credit CASP11 T0804: WeFold 931: CASP11 T0824: WeFold Round 824
803934: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR803930: CASP11 T0822: WeFold Round 822
803916: CASP11 T0803: WeFold Round929: CASP11 T0820: WeFold Round 820
802940: CASP11 Target Tc802: True Contacts928: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR792792
802933b: CASP11 Target Ts802: Sparse Data Contacts927: CASP11 T0816: WeFold Round816
802917: CASP11 T0802: WeFold Round926: CASP11 T0818: WeFold Round 818
797913: CASP11 T0797: WeFold Docking925: CASP11 Target Tc785: True Contacts785
795932: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR795924: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR774774
795911b: CASP11 T0795: WeFold Round923: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR283283
792928: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR792922: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR780780
787909: Bonus CASP11 T0787 HIV-1 Env Symmetry Puzzle921: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR280280
787906: HIV-1 Env gp41 CASP11 T0787: WeFold Round920b: CASP11 Target Ts785: Sparse Data Contacts785
785925: CASP11 Target Tc785: True Contacts918: Extra Credit CASP11 T0804: WeFold 804
785920b: CASP11 Target Ts785: Sparse Data Contacts917: CASP11 T0802: WeFold Round802
785904: CASP11 T0785: WeFold Round916: CASP11 T0803: WeFold Round803
782905: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR782915: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR769 769
780922: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR780914: CASP11 Tc763: True Contacts763
779902: Bonus CASP11 T0779 Symmetry Puzzle913: CASP11 T0797: WeFold Docking797
779901: CASP11 T0779: WeFold Round912: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR768 768
774924: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR774911b: CASP11 T0795: WeFold Round795
773899: CASP11 T0773: WeFold Round 910: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR765765
773892: CASP11 Target T0773: Server Models909: Bonus CASP11 T0787 HIV-1 Env Symmetry Puzzle787
769915: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR769 907b: CASP11 Target Ts763: Sparse Data Contacts763
769896: CASP11 T0769: WeFold Round906: HIV-1 Env gp41 CASP11 T0787: WeFold Round787
769893: CASP11 Target T0769: High Power905: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR782782
769889: CASP11 Target T0769: Server Model904: CASP11 T0785: WeFold Round785
768912: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR768 902: Bonus CASP11 T0779 Symmetry Puzzle779
765910: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR765901: CASP11 T0779: WeFold Round779
765895: CASP11 T0765: WeFold Round900: Small CASP11 Refinement Puzzle: TR759759
763914: CASP11 Tc763: True Contacts899: CASP11 T0773: WeFold Round 773
763907b: CASP11 Target Ts763: Sparse Data Contacts897: Large CASP11 Refinement Puzzle: TR760760
763894: CASP11 T0763: WeFold Round896: CASP11 T0769: WeFold Round769
763888: CASP11 Target T0763: Server Models895: CASP11 T0765: WeFold Round765
760897: Large CASP11 Refinement Puzzle: TR760894: CASP11 T0763: WeFold Round763
759900: Small CASP11 Refinement Puzzle: TR759893: CASP11 Target T0769: High Power769
759890b: CASP11 T0759: WeFold Round 892: CASP11 Target T0773: Server Models773
759886: CASP11 Target T0759: Server Models890b: CASP11 T0759: WeFold Round 759
283923: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR283889: CASP11 Target T0769: Server Model769
280921: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR280888: CASP11 Target T0763: Server Models763
228953: CASP11 Refinement Target: TR228886: CASP11 Target T0759: Server Models759

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