How does it work.Edit

Clicking on the Social tab in regular mode view, and then clicking Buddies will bring you to the Buddies page. There you will be able to see your score and all your buddies score. You also get notifications when your buddies gets in top100, 50, 25, 10, and 5

How do I link to a buddy.Edit

There has been trouble with the Buddy system in that it is hard to add buddies. I have never been able to add buddies from the foldit program in question. I always get "Error sending your buddy request." Sometimes I'll be able to add someone from the website. You go on their page and click "Add buddy" and it either brings you to a page that states "The requested page could not be found." or to the next page. On occasions when I try over and over it eventually gives me the next page, but then I get the same difficulty on that page, so I retry and it will sometimes work. I've been getting more difficulty than ever with it. I use windows xp/7 64bit

When I have a buddy what happens.Edit

In the Buddies section of your Social tab, you can either view the solo or evolve score of you and your buddies. It also allows for quick access to your buddies foldit profile page. The foldit program will show a "notification" pop-up to you whenever that buddy has made it to top100, 50, 25, 10, and 5.

Why do I want to use buddies.Edit

Buddies are a way to keep a close eye on your friends' score. Be it for competitive reasons or friendly awareness. It doesn't offer enough for the amount effort currently needed to be used, mainly the process of adding new buddies.

For more Tips and Tricks > The Foldit Labs

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