The caveat is I’m Xp sp3, old interface, but after 2 years of searching, I finally managed to find a strand on http//foldit-dev.foldit that tags every move, and logs a csv. Here’s a small portion ...I have paraphrased a lot, and emoted even a little, but here’s the thrust of the conversation.

  1. <CFC> Hello - puzzle 432 calling. My name’s Charlie...
  2. <Foldserver> Hello Dave
  3. <CFC> My name’s not Dave
  4. <Foldserver> Hang on Dave, let me go check...
  5. <Foldserverer> Hey there Charlie
  6. <CFC> hey
  7. <Foldserver> How’s yourself?
  8. <CFC> all good. I’m hand-foldering 432, are you watching?
  9. <Foldserver> no problem. Good Luck Dave.
  10. <CFC> Errm...
  11. <Foldserver> Excellent - I’m away and busy - but stay good... keep in touch y’hear?
  12. <CFC> ok...
  13. <Foldserver> I’ve posted you on the website for the 989868 list, for that last jump
  14. <CFC> thank you. I was running a scripted rebuilder. For 16 hours. It managed to find 0.50 points
  15. <Foldserver> Really? let me go check.
  16. <Foldserver> ((search_one) = (gringer_irssi= yes /search_term=ReBuild))
  17. <Foldserver> ((Return=why), response=smile_generously))
  18. <Foldserver> Building is a constructive thing, Dave
  19. <CFC> I know. Rebuilding can be even better.
  20. <Foldserver> Sigh... Let me go check...
  21. <Foldserver> (If Build=Rebuild then folderer=happy, else truth=unhappy)
  22. <Foldserver> Go for it, Dave
  23. [Incidentally, this part of the conversation occurred 21,863,733 hours later]
  24. <CFC> Hey
  25. <Foldserver> Hey Dave
  26. <CFC> ...sigh... My name isn’t Da... Forget that - did you manage to get the Rebuild function to behave properly?
  27. <Foldserver> No
  28. <CFC> I’m sad
  29. <Foldserver> I’m sorry
  30. <CFC> Dont worry... :)
  31. <Foldserver> No... I’m really sorry
  32. <CFC> Wait, someone’s knocking at the door
  33. <Foldserver> I know
  34. <Foldserver> (Close_equation=mayybe)
  35. <Foldserver>.......... 4, 8, 15, 16, 38, 42....

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